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Compact SFP Transceiver
Compact SFP Transceiver

3C-LINK Compact small form-factor pluggable CSFP transceiver and a compact small form-factor CSFF transceiver supports network systems, especially those deploying single-fiber bidirectional transceivers in high density applications

The CSFP MSA defines a transceiver mechanical form-factor with latching mechanism and a host board, SFP-like, electrical edge connector and cage. The CSFF MSA also defines a transceiver mechanical form-factor.

The dual-channel CSFP compatible with the standard SFP cage. The single-channel CSFP and CSFF are half the size of the industry-standard SFP and SFF packages. The CSFF design is modular to enable configurations of integrated 2ch modules. In future, 3C-LINK will develop 4ch CSFP modules.

These highly integrated compact transceiver modules will enable network system vendors to increase port density and data throughput, while reducing network equipment cost.

  • CSFP transceiver, Compact SFP transceiver: option 1 and option 2 are available
  • up to 120km


Order Information:

3CP-433L1CN-LX:  1310T/1490R, 1310T/1490R. CSFP, 20Km,LC Duplex.

  3CP-444L1CN-LX:  1490T/1310R, 1490T/1310R. CSFP, 20Km,LC Duplex


  • 3.3V operating voltage
  •  Digital diagnostics
  • Duplex LC  Connector
  • 1310/1490 Wavelength
  • up to 120km link
  • AC/AC Coupling according to MSA
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Commercial 0 to 70C or Industrial  -40 to 85C Case Operation Temperature range
  • Class 1 Laser International Safety Standard IEC 60825 Compliant



Applications using fast ethernet,gigabit ethernet,1×/2×/4× fibre chanel


Applications using OC-3/STM-1,OC12/STM-4 and OC-48/STM-16 across allo reaches

sfp application

As network based services grow and fiber deployments penetrate down to the last mile, 3C-LINK innovation in photonic integrated circuits combined with novel packaging enable phenomenal scaling of capacity
and increasing service flexibility. Leveraging success in long haul optical networks, 3C-LINK is delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions for metroand access optical networks.


3C-LINK expertise in monolithic DFB laser arrays and packaging is a key enabler for bandwidth rich applications in the Access end of the market. Specifically, data center interconnect at blade, server and inter-server
applications are aided by 3C-LINK ability to transmit and receive 100Gb/s and greater data rates over extended reach at cost points that drive adoption. Other applications include WDM PON and Router to ROADM interconnection at high data rates.


3C-LINK portfolio of highly integrated tunable solutions enables seamless aggregation of multiple services in metro networks. Whetherthe data rates are 10G, 40G, 100G or higher, 3C-LINK has a full suite of transmission products including lasers and transmitters suitable for such applications building on highly reliable, fully tunable, scalable and cost effective solutions widely deployed in core applications across the world.


3C-LINK proven carrier class reliability meetsexplosive bandwidth demands with leading edge innovation to build agilebackbones. Santur tunable lasers are well represented with ubiquitous
deployment in core networks. Today, 3C-LINKs integrated transmitter solutionsand specialty lasers that enable 40 and 100G networks are being deployed around the world


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