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3C-AT980 Fusion Machine
3C-AT980 Fusion Machine

A Revolutionary Fusion Splice machine

3C-AT980  is the newest instrument designed for fusion fiber FTTx network. fusion splicer adopts high-speed image processing technology and special precision- positioning technology,automatically finish the whole process of fiber fusion in 8 seconds typically, TFT LCD monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clear at a glance.

6 Motors no need figber jig for different Fiber. (  Fiber drop cable2.0*3.1mmIndoor fiber cable2.0*2.0mm)or 0.9mm, bare Fiber Cable can automatic adjustment fiber jig.

--PAS image digital processing system,core or clad alignment is optional;

--The arc is calibrated by the environmental parameters as temperature and pressure;

--Variety display group,the Maximum image magnification is 300;

--Typical splicing time is 9 seconds,20 seconds heating;

--Intelligence operate,auto heat or work when open the shield;

--High definition 5.1' colorful LCD;

--Hight to 4000 groups fusion records can be stored;

--High capacity,plug battery,long work time;

More Picture shows:

splice machineChina good splice machine


Technical parameter:

Applicable fiber type SM(Single Mode),MM(Multi Mode),DS(Dispersion Shift),NZDS(Non Zero Dispersion Shift)
Diameter of cladding 80 -150um
Diameter of coating 160 - 900um
Typical fusion loss SM 0.02dB,MM 0.01dB,NZDS 0.03dB, EZ-Bend 0.04dB
Return loss Better than 60dB
Cutting length 10~16mm(Diameter of coating < 250µm);16mm(Diameter of coating  250~1000µm)
Fusion program 40 groups
Operate mode Manual,Automatic
Auto-Heat Available
Typical fusion time

9 sec (fast model)10 sec (SMF standard model) 10 sec(automatic model)

Heating time 20 seconds for 60mm、40mm length heat shrinkable sleeve
Magnification 300 times for X|Y single display,150 times for XY double display
Photoelectric system Two high sensitive cameras,5.7’640×480 pixel colourful LCD
Fusion data record Store 4000 groups fusion record
Loss evaluation Available
Pull testing 1.8~2.2N
Interface GUI menu interface,easy manipulation
Battery capacity 8800mAh,200 times of fusion and heating,hot plug,real-time power monitor
Power supply Adaptor,input:AC 100-240V(50/60HZ),output:DC 11~13.5V
Electric pole lifetime More than 3000 times fusion,user can replace pole conveniently
External port USB2.0 port,used to derive fusion record data ,software upgrade
Operate environment Altitude;0~5000m;Relative humidity:0~95%;Temperature:-10℃~+50℃;Wind speed:max 15m/s
Volume/Weight 160mm(L)×150mm(W)×145mm(H) / 2.6kg

Standard equipment:

No. name quantity
1 Main machine 3C-AT980 1
2 Fiber cutter 1
3 Electric pole 1 pair
4 Fiber stripper 1
5 Alcohol  bottle 1
6 Cooling holder 1
7 Rubber suction bulb 1
8 Adaptor 1
9 Carrying  case 1
10 Manual guide 1


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