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Cleaner for 2.5mm Ferrule (SC/ST/FC)  3C-CL-250
Cleaner for 2.5mm Ferrule (SC/ST/FC) 3C-CL-250
  ♦  Cleans adapter mounted SC/ST and FC connectors.
  ♦  One-action cleaning system.
  ♦  Effective with a variety of contaminants.
  ♦  Over 600 cleanings per unit.
  ♦  Adapter/dust cap supplied for cleaning SC connector plugs.
  ♦  Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)
3C-LINK Model No: 3C-CL-250 - Cleans FC/SC/ST connectors in adapters and exposed 2.5mm ferrules.

The One-Click Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors in adapters. Simply insert the One-Click Cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible "click" is heard.

The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively, but gently, cleaned.

The One-Click Cleaner is a must-have for field technicians. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and a great addition to cleaning kits. Save your wrist - no more twist!

Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures in data centers, campus, and other optical communication facilities are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face.
For best optical performance, it is imperative that all optical fiber connections are clean and free of contaminants. Fiber optic cleaning products is being highly recommended as a kind of very important tool for electrical manufactures. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.


 3C-LINK Fiber optic connector cleaner is designed to effectively and quickly clean connector endfaces, both the unmated patchcord and through the adapter. It cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. 3C-CL-125  is very easy to use and suitable for LC/MU connectors

Normal and Contaminated Connections of Optical Connectors



When there is no contaminant, light transmit without no back reflection and insertion loss.                    When contaminants adhere near to the core, back reflection and insertion loss will happen.


• Cleans both APC and UPC connectors

• Ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning

• Precise mechanical action delivers consistent cleaning results

• Low cost per clean with over 600 cleanings in one unit

• Effective on a variety of contaminates including dust and oils

• Automatic advance ensures each clean is performed with fresh cleaning tape

• Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)

How to Use:

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