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3c-Link is a leading provider of optical modules, components subsystems and  optical passive products for use in optical communications networks. Our  products, and those produced by our customers, are used by telecommunications  and cable service providers to deploy advanced networks for video, voice and  other data services at high data transmission rates and low costs. Our products  datarate from 100M bps to 10G bps active products and passive products. along  with our nanoscale design, materials, fabrication and metrology. The 3c-Link™  integrated optical network technology is a key enabler for meeting today´s  optical communications market demands. Just as full 3c-Link™ products  dramatically reducing costs while increasing reliability

Company Values
Integrity -  We build trust by being fair and consistent, communicating clearly and honestly,  making and keeping realistic promises, protecting confidences and treating  others with respect  Results Driven - Everybody is accountable for results

Innovation - The ability to generate a flow of new ideas and creative solutions
Quality - We establish superior product and service quality by
striving to do everything right first time
Customer Focus - We respond with a sense of urgency and anticipation to each customer
Continuous Improvement
- Everybody is aware of the role they play in increasing productivity and controlling costs
One Company - We are all members of the same global team, with the same objectives, with the same desire for the company to win

Products and Market
3c-Link™ markets are driven by the need for higher bandwidth  and lower cost as digital video, multimedia, music and other broadband services
become ubiquitous and bandwidth consumption continues to more than double every year. User-generated video content and rapidly growing digital video services
including internet-based and high-definition video (IPTV and HDTV) and mobile video are significantly increasing bandwidth demand. In order to accommodate
this bandwidth increase, it is necessary for the data rates, reconfigurability and monitoring capabilities to be proliferated to access and edge portions of
the network. Extending these capabilities closer to the customer means that the network can be provisioned and reconfigured dynamically and remotely.

3c-Link products include a broad line of fiber-to-the-home central office, customer premise and outside plant modules, components and subsystems,. GEPON  system CWDM system , DWDM system ,HD Converter , Passive products, In addition, we supply analogous products to telecom fixed wavelength, data communications and cable TV markets.

Our Logo

The logo writes letter "3c-link"  take 3c-link Technology as the design standpoint, carries on the ingenious  distortion to become. With 3c-link name closeconnection. Easy to distinguish and to remember. The logo shape has like the good feeling, and inclding three colour  means Creative,Clver, Cool, also means 3C. The logo has the intense mobile feeling, suggested the enterprise revolution flexibility and the high speed development meaning. And express the fine products, signs and prudent fashion,
concise atmosphere, recognition of the strong.