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3C-LINK R&D is the heart of our products and as such is a large part  of 3C-LINK´s current and future success in the global networking industry.
3C-LINK R&D is comprised of a great team of highly educated people that  using the most advanced equipment and techniques make 3C-LINK´s innovative quality products possible.

The 3C-LINK R&D team is the driving force behind 3C-LINK´s power and ingenuity and is made up of over 80 experienced R&D engineers, the majority of which come from first class Universities within China. In keeping with 3C-LINK´s strict Quality Control requirements, 400 or 1/2 of our 800 R&D  staffs are committed exclusively to product testing to ensure the best quality  in our products.

R&D Scope


Complete signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility analysis guarantees that even with high levels of production volume that product quality  maintains uniformity and performance stability.


Complete control of product source code ensures that 3C-LINK maintains strong control of product performance and function, such as product development and problem solving abilities.

Full Product

3C-LINK tests completed products based on long duration degradation in  all environments including temperature and humidity, power source sustainability, and vibrations. This testing ensures that products last and  maintain the same performance and safety throughout their lifespan