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EPON ONU with 2 10/100M + 1POT Port
EPON ONU with 2 10/100M + 1POT Port
3C-ONU312 type ONU products fully comply with IEEE 802.3-2005 and the China Telecom EPON device technical specification (V2.1). It is operative, manageable and maintainable at telecommunication level, and can provide high speed data service for customers. It has a PON uplink port that connects to office end apparatus through optical fiber
3C-ONU312 is an EPON user terminal,which meets the SOHO broadband access ,FTTH broadband speed ,FFTH/FTTD of cable-television operator.The equipment based on mature, stable, cost-effective Gigabit EPON technology combines Gigabit Ethernet switching technology, WIFI and high-quality VoIP technology. It has high reliability, ease of administration and good QOS. Thetechnology performance meets the IEEE802.3ah, China Telecom EPON equipment technical requirements (V2.1) specification requirements
Data service function
* Full speed with outblocking exchange.
* 8K MAC address table.
* Support Full Range VLAN ID
* Support QinQ VLAN、1:1VLAN、VLAN Trunk etc.
* support port monitor, port mirror ,port speed limit ,port SLAetc.
* QoS based on interface,IEEE802.1p,IPV4(ToS),Diff-Serv,IPV6,802.1Q VLANID,destination MAC or source MAC.
* The Ethernet interfaces accordingto the specifications of the IEEE802.3.
* 128-bit AES encryption algorithm.
* According to 802.1x remote management and user authentication
Telephone service function
* Support SIP protocol,H.248 protocol,H.323 optional.
* Support ITU-T G.711、G.723.1、G.729 compressionalgorithm
* Echo cancellation meets ITU-TG.168-2002. echo cancellation for the longest is 128ms.
* Support OSPF,T38.
* Support RFC2833 and RFC2833 redundant,distinctiveringing ,MD5 certificate,call forwarding,call waiting,telephone hotline,alarmclock,abbreviated dialing and etc.
* Support one POTS interface three-waycalling,three-way calling support local mixing.
* Support POTS GR909 line test function.
* Support dynamic PPPoE,dhcp and staticIP.
* Support CTC2.1 standard
* 7×24h call lose≤0.01%
3c-link PON solutions
3C-ONU312 : EPON ONU with 1-PON port and 2 10/100M + 1Pot, Chec PDF
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